Kurti Styling Tips to Make Short Women Look Tall

Kurti Styling Tips to Make Short Women Look Tall

Finding a suitable kurta suiting all body types is no easy task, especially when it comes to girls with short height. Short girls get usually hesitant But don't you worry, Yufta has come up with some styling tips for you to slay that kurta hanging in your closet for so long.

Opt for Soft Prints

Teal Green Floral Print Cotton Anarkali Style Kurta With Trousers And Dupatta Set-Yufta Store-6878SKDTBS

avoid loud and big prints as it grabs the attention of the petite body type of short woman. Opt for small prints or even vertical lines rather than horizontal ones for you to look tall. Never overdo prints and choose the right print for your look. 

Kurta with narrow pants

Orange Floral,Sequins_Work Straight Kurta Trouser And Dupatta Set-Yufta Store-1752SKDORS

narrow pants create a straight line for the silhouette, giving a taller look to a petite body type. For tall illusion pair long Kurtis with medium flare palazzos or slim pants making short women look tall.

Choose the Right Length

Short women should avoid long length Kurtis as that makes them look more short, rather opt for Kurtis not going beyond the knee and up to the ankle. Knee-length Kurtis with solid colours or minimal prints is the best option to go for.

Dark Shades works the best

dark colours are a smart way to give a tall height illusion to short women. Dark colours like black, maroon, navy and more provide a tall appearance for a petite body type.

Avoid too much layering

don't follow the trend, follow a style suiting your short height, avoid layering as it divides the body frame making you look more short and bulky.

Right kind of Neckline

it plays a very important role, a neckline defines your body frame. Opt for V-neckline for a tall body illusion as with a deep neckline the neck seems to look longer.

A Monochrome style

Kurti with the same colour bottom creates an illusion of a tall look. Monochrome is a trend to follow and it lets you create your own trend too. A monochrome outfit allows the person to look at you from top to bottom in one stretch without any interruption of a different colour.

Angrakha style Kurti

for the ones loving a floor-length Kurti, an angrakha style Kurti is the option to go for as it makes you look taller and stylish too.

Right fit for the right body

make sure that a kurta fits right as per your body type, especially from the sides and sleeves. Wrong fits add volume and make your body look more bulky and short. As the fitted Kurti adds more enhances your figure more giving a taller illusion.

Kurta with Slits

kurtas with side or front slits are right for you. The front slits that mostly start at the waist are the right choice if you pair them with some solid coloured bottoms. It creates lines in a way that makes your legs look longer and makes you look taller.


pair your kurta with low to medium flare skirts as it works quite well for a short woman. It creates an additional height illusion by giving a tall and lean look.

Solid colours could be your best friend

there is a variety available in the market to confuse us but one can never go wrong with the solid kurtas as they complement every look along with creating an illusion of a taller look.

Use of Minimal Accessories

Always carry minimal accessories with your kurta. An accessory with any kind of clothing can enhance the whole look. But when it comes to short women, less is always more. You can add a belt to tuck the waist for added height or high heels are one of the best pieces to add to your style for a taller look.

Simple design Sleeves

Yellow Sequins_Work Anarkali Kurta Trouser And Dupatta Set-Yufta Store-6910SKDYLS

opt for a simple and minimal sleeves style. Puffed sleeves are not advisable as it appears to be bulky and voluminous. Try sleeves with lace, net or simple sleeves with minimal embroidery.

So, worry no more and follow the styling tips to slay and walk-in style. As we say great things come in small packages. As Kurtis are a very important part of a women's wardrobe whether you are a college-going girl or an office going lady, or a housewife, Kurtis is a great option as

it is a comfortable and graceful outfit. So, if you are hesitant of carrying a Kurti as your style because of your height, follow the tips above and carry a YUFTA Kurti in style. Visit the Yufta store to check out the style of your choice, reflecting your personality.