Printed To Chikankari, Kurtas That Deserve Space In Your Closet This Summer Season

When summer knocks on the door, we feel to go all out without restricting our wardrobe. A trend is not about what to follow but it is more about what to create. Mix and match, textures, prints and embroidery are what summers are all about. And when it comes to women's kurta sets, it is a trend which always remains a trend.

Women Kurta sets depict the rich Indian culture and how changing fashion is becoming more experimental keeping alive the culture from Prints to Chikankari.

The best and the variety of both print and chikan is what you can find at our Yufta store.


A printed kurta set is a versatile choice for your summer wardrobe. It is not limited to a specific but is a statement for all generations. The factors which make it the excellent choice for your wardrobe is that it is easy to pair with everything like denim, leggings, jeggings, palazzo, cigarette pants and more. Secondly, a printed kurta set is an every occasion clothing varying in style and design suiting all body types and ideal for all seasons.


  1. Printed Anarkali - An evergreen style as it could work as a dress too, without wearing any bottom. Wear this style either standalone or pair it with cigarette pants.
  2. Digital Print - Make a style statement with the digital prints to any gathering of family or friends.
  3. Floral Print - As the name suggests the print is a composition of flowers and leafs placed in an aesthetic manner to make it look appealing. A never to go out of style trend.
  4. Checks - not so common style but yet a plain kurta combined with a patch of checks print could work wonders.
  5. Jaipuri Print - Jaipur Prints uses printing forms and styles of Rajasthan like Bagru prints, Dabu prints, Bandhni Leheria prints, Tie and Dye prints, Naphthol block prints and the common block prints thus adding a splash of colour with hand stitches or machine-made loom a chic look.

Teal Blue Embroidered Kurta Set


Chikankari, a most traditional embroidery craft from Lucknow introduced by Mughals. The craft is delicate and is a shadow work type of embroidery. Chikan, in the literal sense, means 'embroidery'. The simple and precise handwork on the garment gives it a very subtle, classy feel.

Started as a white-on-white embroidery form, back in the day, the favoured fabric was muslin or mulmul as it was best suited to the warm, slightly humid climate for a chikankari kurta set. The main highlight is the stitches, every stitch is done with precision and neatness. The delicate and artfully done hand embroidery gives the garment a look of richness and skillfulness, which is exactly what you pay for at YUFTA for a women's kurta set.


Taipchi - commonly used, easy and not so expensive. It is usually a running stitch used to make fill motifs.

Pechni - done having taipchi on base. The taipichi work is shadowed by crisscrossing the thread over it to give a raised effect.

Pashni - In this pattern, a motif is first outlined by taipchi and then covered with detailed and thin vertical satin stitches over about two threads.

Bakhia - It is more of shadow work and is of two types. One, Ulta bakhia has usually done on transparent cloth especially on the reverse side of the fabric under the motif. Sidhi bakhia is a satin stitch where separate threads are crisscrossed which lie on the fabric with no shaded effect.

Khatao - a combination of chikankari with cutwork.

Gitti - generally used to make a wheel like a motif with long satin stitch and a combination of buttonholes.

Jangira - It is a Kind of chain stitch usually used to accompany a line of pechni or thick taipchi.

Chikankari Kurta set is the trend these days as they truly have the best of both worlds with a unique traditional yet casual look for women.

Chikan Kurti is no more limited to a wedding or family function or festive occasion. A chikan kurta with a palazzo or straight pants can be worn to the office or for a casual date and dinner.

Explore the looks of Chikankari you can wear all year.

Chikankari Kurti - A monochrome is a wardrobe staple for every woman. A white chikan Kurti with white thread embroidery defines the class and grace.

Chikankari Palazzo - a style to slay vintage look with chikankari palazzo with comfort. It enhances the look and the flared look makes it more appealing.

Chikankari Dupatta or Stole - It is the best piece of clothing deserving space in your closet. The intricate work adds charm and makes your whole look stand out. Pairing a chikan dupatta with a plain simple outfit amplifies the whole vibe.

So, now you decide what style statement you want to add as your wardrobe staple. A printed kurta set to your all day every day or a chikankari kurta set to upgrade your style with craft.

Yufta brings you the best of both and a range of all deserving a space in your closet.