Top 10 Evergreen Classic Colours in Ethnic Wears For Women


What are the essential colours in ethnic wear that one must have in their wardrobe? While to each its own, but our recommendations are purely on evergreen and classic choices of hue, that will never end up making you look out of fashion!

 We bring to you our top ten picks from the colour palette which are the must have colours in your closet:


  1. RED

You can never go wrong with this colour as it adds the perfect amount of vibrance to your attire, not screaming yet letting the festivity roll. India is very rich when it comes to traditions, you will find many women sporting this colour for all big and small festivals as it is considered auspicious. If looking for something try the bandhani/ bandhej work in red colour and also some chikan-kari mukesh-work Kurtis are a fab choice too. It also is a must have in every wardrobe.

Check out this beautiful bandhani kurti in red




Depicting utter brightness, making it another favourite for each festival. May it be a Haldi function or a pooja at home, this colour brings with itself the grace and radiance. You will find various colours around this shade like the mustard yellow and lemon yellow, which definitely increases that cheerfulness to your look making you the sunshine of the room.

Check this beautiful maxi dress in yellow my Yufta:



A mustard set?



 On the darker side of the colour palette, this looks stunning when worn as a one piece, dress, suits ,embroidered skirt or in contrast (like red). Makes it a perfect colour, especially for the other side of the day. Try sporting a royal blue gown for an evening party with some beautiful crystal/ diamond earrings, this combination will keep all eyes on you and will make you stand out in the crowd.

Want something fun to try in blue (check out that beautiful dupatta adding up to the look):


Any Kaftan fans here? Check out Yufta’s


  1. PINK

Another favourite colour of the majority of the women is PINK. We commonly identify this colour as a very womanly and soft . May it be a leheriya pink saree on occasion of teej or a beautiful pink salwar suit and dupatta combination? You know this is the one of the colours you can go subtle to peppy. Always keeps you happy with its soft tone. Try a dusty pink shade when going for kurtas and a hot-pink colour for a saree.

Check out this beautiful pink saree from Yufta in a tie and dye pattern:


  1. GREEN

This colour is for the bold choice makers. Usually teamed up in contrast to blue or red, the parrot green brings the vividness in your attire making it a perfect for a day occasion. BOLD yet BEAUTIFUL. These days you will find the shade mint green and dark/ emerald green topping the chart. Trust us this shade is an un-missable for day as well as night.

Check out some amazing kurtas in green by Yufta:



A lovely shade which is much unbiased but very adaptable. It goes perfectly well with ethnic as well as non-ethnic attires, suited for all occasion. A favourite amongst youngsters, this colour has been evolving over the years and being used in various outfits.

Check out this beautiful turquoise and peach combination kurta from Yufta.




A very sober colour, feminine yet beautiful, the purple colour has brought with itself the necessary grace and poise which can make you feel impeccable. Comes in light and dark shades, flaunting the multifaceted side but very classy. 

 Check out this lavender dupatta set from Yufta



A rare yet vibrant shade, which brings with itself the allure and splendor. When wearing orange go experimental as the colour can be very playful. The cousin peach or light orange has been trending since a very long time.  

Check out this striking A line kurta by Yufta



This colour brings a very authentic, classic and an sophisticated look. Maybe a bit refined but always royal, choose it as silk sarees with contrast borders or kurti sets and contrast dupatta. A very agile choice and always a notch better when teamed up with a contrasting hue


Want to shop for a beautiful dupatta that will go well with your of-white suit set- check-


  1. BEIGE

Being a very dainty shade, it compliments with a well-embroidered kurta and jewellery. This colour helps you attain that appearance which doesn’t make you the center of attraction but then again you always end up leaving a turn-around worthy gaze.

Want to check what we are talking about, check this out-



This dark shade goes very well for any Indian occasion. A hit colour amongst ethnic wear for women. If you are looking for a less daunting shade without compromising on the festive spirit. Go ahead with maroon, always a great choice!

Don’t know which maroon to go for check it this jaw-drop gorgeous dress from Yufta



These are our top ten suggestions for your closet collection in ethnic wear. Do let us know which ones are present in your collection!

Happy Shopping!