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      Trendy Casual & Party Wear Kaftan Dresses For Women & Girls

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      What are Kaftan Dresses?

      Before we start, Kaftan dresses for women are loose-fitting garments originating from the Middle East & North Africa. Known for their comfort and flowing silhouettes. Yufta offers the best kaftan dresses for women & girls in India.

      Top Styles Of Kaftan Dresses:

      Loose-fitting: Kaftans are typically loose-fitting, offering a relaxed and comfortable feel.

      Full-length: Traditionally, kaftans reach the ankles, but their shorter variations also exist.

      Wide sleeves: Certainly, kaftan often feature wide sleeves, ranging from short flutter sleeves to long flowing sleeves and sleeveless.

      Minimal tailoring: Kaftans generally have minimal tailoring, creating a straight or slightly A-line silhouette which kind of looks great.

      Embellishments: Basically, kaftan can be plain or adorned with various embellishments like embroidery, prints, beadwork, tassels and many more.

      Popular Types of Kaftan Dresses For Women:

      Furthermore, Below are some of the trendy kaftan dresses for women and girls that you can wear on different occasions as per their style.

      Traditional Kaftan Dresses for women:

      Anarkali Kaftan: This style is a fitted bodice until the waist and a flared skirt flowing from the waistline, creating an elegant and graceful silhouette. This type of kaftan dress are used as party wear. 

      Angrakha kaftans: Comparatively, Inspired by the traditional Rajasthani garment, these kaftans for women typically feature an overlapping neckline and a tie closure at the side or front for an attractive look. Whether it is a beach or a pool party, kaftan dresses are the perfect match.

      Contemporary Kaftan Dresses for Girls:

      Short Kaftans: Basically, Short kaftan reaches mid-thigh or knee length, these kaftan dresses are a modern and relaxed style which is perfect for casual wear.

      Printed Kaftans: Bold geometric patterns, floral motifs, traditional block prints, or abstract designs add vibrancy to kaftans. Moreover kaftan dresses will be fashionable for small events like: Birthday party, family outing,

      Embroidered Kaftans: Intricate embroidery, beadwork, or mirror work enhances the elegance and formality of kaftans. You can surely use embroidered kaftans as office wear, formal meetings and many more.  

      Layered Kaftans: Multiple layers of fabric (often sheer or semi-sheer) create a flowing, ethereal look. Wear layered kaftans as daily wear or in any occasion this will not disappoint you.  


      Q1: What occasions are kaftans suitable for?

      A1: Kaftan Dresses are perfect for casual wear, beach/pool parties, festivities, family functions, birthday parties, office wear, formal meetings, and everyday wear.

      Q2: Is there any alternative or replacement of Kaftan Dresses?

      A2: For the perfect replacement or alternative to kaftan dresses you can try: our kaftan kurta, leheriya printed kaftan kurta & embroidered kaftan.

      Q3: How much does a kaftan Dress cost?

      A3: At Yufta, Kaftan dresses for women & girls start from 599/- only, you can check out the amazing collection of kaftan dresses available.

      Q4: What to wear with Kaftan Dresses?

      A4: 5 quick styling tips with kaftan in short: Wear Trousers, Jeans, Shorts, Pants and you can try palazzos.