Indian Kurti Styles and Designs Every Woman Should Know

Indian Kurti Styles and Designs Every Woman Should Know

Modern Indian females prefer comfort over traditional outfits due to their ever-demanding world that put them entangled in their professional and personal responsibilities. They do not want to spend hours in putting up Sarees, all they want is to wear nice- looking kurti over their blue jeans and get work ready. Despite, giving importance to comfort, Indian females desire to look trendy even on their normal days.  To get a chic look, it is important that they should enrich their wardrobe with all types of designer kurtis so their fashion goes along with comfort.  One can simply get an A-line kurti on jeans and wear strappy sandals for a trendy look.

Go through the stylish Kurti below so that you do not forget to style yourself while keeping your comfort in mind -

Denim kurti

Denim material is one of the stylish fabric materials that depicts the coolness of the personality. It is all season style Kurti and its style never fades away. The fabric material is sufficient in itself that requires no other accessories to showcase itself stylish. For office, one can wear denim Kurti on leggings with bellies on high pony that will give a smart or professional look.  

A-line kurti-

The A-line Kurti style gives a chic look without adorning oneself with excess accessories that can be worn on jeans or any leggings. The A-line Kurti gives out a very professional look to the spectators thus giving smart look. One can dress the A-line Kurti with jeans and leggings to give a professional look.

Anarkali kurti

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The another remarkable Kurti design that every female should know is Anarkali Kurti that provides grace and elegance to the one who wears it. The anarkali kurti design came into existence after a block buster movie Mughale Azam where legendary actress Madubala wore Anarkali in one of the famous songs “Pyar kiya toh darna kya". Anarkali kurti can be worn on various traditional occasions or social events where one can carry it with grace and beauty to make the most out of the occasion.

Kaftan style kurti-

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The another attractive style kurti is kaftan style kurti that gives a great level of comfort and style to the one who wears it.  The Kaftan style kurti provides attractive style with great level of leisure that can be worn on any social event or on any professional platform.  One can wear it on jeans and also pair it with leggings and dupatta that gives a elegant look.

Umbrella cut- Kurti

Umbrella cut Kurti is another type of stylish kurti with umbrella cut from the bottom. These are the all seasons Kurti that can be worn on various social events that provides the elegant look to the target audience. One can wear the umbrella cut kurti on jeans or on leggings with an intricate designed Kurta to give a beautiful look.

High-Low Kurti

High low kurti are another trendy Kurti that one can wear to dress themselves in a smart manner.  In high low kurti, the front part is short while the back part is long that accounts for a trendy look thus giving out a fashion statement to the target segment.  One can wear it on jeans so that u can deliver a smart look at your professional platform. The Kurti style provides a indo-western look that one can wear it on social event or any party thrown by your friends.

Single shoulder designer -

Single shoulder designer is another Kurta style with a bit of western look that provides great level of attraction to target audience in any social event or program.  One can wear it as a dress by pairing it with sports shoes thus giving boho looks.  One can also wear the single shoulder designer dress under a leggings or jeans and wear it with strappy sandals by keeping hair open.

One should know about various dresses so that they can keep various styles of Kurti in the wardrobe.  By having a wardrobe full of all types kurti, it becomes easy for the females to decide right  type of  Kurti without wasting any time on any occasion.